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PMAA - USA Master Julius Melegrito

PMAA - USA  Master Julius Melegrito  in Heathmont

Seminar At UMA

The Philippine Combatives™ style of Martial Arts is consists of both weapons (practical weaponry) and empty hand training (practical self-defense). Its style is based on the different systems from the Philippine Fighting Arts all combined to help you better understand the wonderful world of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). The Philippine Combatives™


Seminar working on disarm weapons - Knife - Stick on knife Defence. Stick on Stick Defence.

Event Date/ Time: 25/05/2019 10:30 AM

  • 1 Student Registration
  • Limit One Voucher Per Student
  • Voucher Cannot Be Redeemed After Event ( 25/05/2019 10:30 AM )