Dane Beeby

•1st Degree Black Belt –Bushidokan

•Brown rank in previous MMA syllabus

•Fitness instructor trained through Ultimate Martial arts

•Currently holds an IKBF Australian MMA super middleweight Title belt

Holds IKBF state super middleweight K1 kickboxing title Competed in 8 ISKA tournaments in Combat MMA and successfully won all 8

•Dane holds a professional MMA record of 6 fights with 3 wins and a K1 record of 1 fight 1 win.

Dane currently assists at the dojo in taking weekly fitness classes. He also trains on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at both the dojo and his local gym training weights. He believes that pushing students outside their comfort zones, whether it’s in fitness, martial arts techniques, life skill or attitude and knowledge, will get them to the places they want to be with their training and or lives.

Through 5 years of constant training and personal development, he’s been able to succeed in any avenue he’s stepped into. Following Shihan Vincent’s and other Sensei’s and Sempai’s wisdom and guidance, has made this possible.

Dane lives a life of values and ethics, very similar to that of the traditional samurai with a modern day twist, always being true to himself and his instructors/mentors. He has tested his spirit many times, in professional competitions as well as some slight altercations on the street and also in the daily struggles of modern day life.

He believes that everything can be achieved in life if you keep an open mind to trying something new and to also have faith in your ability and constantly look to improve yourself through your training in every area of life.

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