Bayswater Kids Martial Arts

Miranda Boyle

•2nd Degree Black Belt Bushidokan

•Brown singlet Muay Thai

Miranda has been a loyal member of Ultimate Martial Arts for the past ten years. She began as a small 9 year old so has a unique perspective on martial arts for kids,having spent many years training and teaching in junior classes. She loves teaching mostly because, she knows that students are going to walk away from every class with confidence and skills that may save their lives one day. She enjoys training in martial arts not only for the life changing personal and physical skills that she learns, but also for the fantastic, friendly, family atmosphere that the club brings, having made many great friends through the dojo and looking forward to making many more. Some of her martial arts achievements include

•Junior Black Belt at 13 years of age

•Junior Student of the year 2010

•Assisting and teaching junior students and being involved in their martial arts journey

•Training different martial art styles – Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Traditional Karate, Self Defence.

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