Bayswater Kids Martial Arts

Ralph Randell Sensei

•3rd Degree Black Belt –Bushidokan

• Instructor

• Instructor daytime open format

• certified (Jo) FudoshinRalph Randell Sensei

• practitioner

Ralph Sensei has been a dedicated and loyal student at UMA since 2001. Progressing through the ranks, Ralph has trained diligently and is now the senior student and an accomplished instructor. He is inspired by the progress and accomplishments of his students and passionate not only about their journey in the martial arts but personal development and life skills. Sensei is a giving individual instructing at all levels, from newcomers to Dan ranks, maintaining the high standards of his own mentors and the UMA mindset. He takes a special interest in those approaching Black Belt, helping the fine tuning and mental challenges involved Ralph Sensei believes that teaching is a privilege and an incredible learning and development opportunity for himself. Some of Sensei Ralph’s achievements include

•Grading Panel

•Considerable tournament experience and success—-Kata, Point

•sparring, Weapons, Demo

•Various UMA awards and presentations

•Takahashi Samurai clan 2008

•Instructor of the year 2009

•Bushido Award 2010

•Graded to Sensei 2014

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