Bayswater Kids Martial Arts

Stuart Hunter


  • 2nd Degree Black Belt –Bushidokan
  • 4th Kyu Aikido

Stuart has been attending Ultimate Martial Arts for the past 6 years and currently assists in the running of the mixed-rank day classes, where he enhances the classes with an intense fitness focus and a go-hard attitude that his fellow martial artists find infectious.

Stuart practically radiates positive energy and is a natural teacher, with a gift for breaking down complex information into understandable chunks. He runs a singing school for people of all ages when he is not wearing a Gi, and he is one of the main instructors for Ultimate Personal Defence (UPD) – a Shihan Vincent, led programme that teaches school kids and corporate staff basic self-defence techniques.

Unable to do anything by halves, Stuart currently studies 3 different martial art styles.

He believes that they all combine to create a balance of mind, body and spirit in his life, and that they enable him to respond effectively to any fight scenario. Ki energy techniques and an emphasis on real self-defence are also a great passion of his.

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