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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - I wanna to Quit!!!

    I wanna to Quit!!!

    Author: Robyn J.A. Silverman Nobody likes to admit that it's happening to them. High quit ratios are the proverbial thorn in our
    Sometimes it feels like our entire student population is leaving our school in droves. Somebody lock the back door! Retention is one of the most common concerns among all professional school owners. As a school owner myself, I have gone through the same frustrations as countless others. We put our hearts and souls into each student who joins our school. Many become like family. Then one day, they move on or, worse yet, they quit prematurely. Haven’t we all had those students who are a wink ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - Don't be soft, you love your kids & it's why we don't let them Quit!

    Don't be soft, you love your kids & it's why we don't let them Quit!

    What would you like to do this year? The question that parents ask when they may not realise the long term benefit of martial arts training for their kids. Don't be soft, you love your kids & it's why we don't let them Quit! They certainly do not know what's best for them but YOU do Hi Mum’s and Dad’s, Please take the time to read this email, as the message is very important and won't take too long. We are currently in that period where kids commence new sports and activities for the year and are looking to “try something new”. For some, this means replacing karate training with other sports or deciding not to do anything at all. Before making that ....

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    I wake up every morning feeling grateful. I wake up around 7:00AM and get out of bed and open all the windows always greet my wife with a kiss and say good morning same goes to my son.I make my bed and make myself a coffee.I write down a plan for everything I hope togetdone that day and
    then I get going! That moment when the windows open and it looks like a beautiful sunny day...I'mgrateful. When I take that first sip of coffee and it tastes extra good and the day just feels so full of possibilities. I'm grateful. Good Morning! Lead your days with an attitude of gratitude for everything in the world and you'll be a happier, better person. ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - IT DOES NOT MATTER


    Be The Nice Kid
    I was very motivated by reading the following message and created a poster for my school along with 5x7 postcard prints that I hand out to all my students. Enjoy
    Be the Nice Kid Some kids are smarter than you, Some kids have cooler clothes than you, Some kids are better at sports than you, It does NOT Matter You have your thing too.
    Be the kid who can get along. Be the kid who is generous. Be the kid who is happy for others. Be the kid that does the right thing. Be the nice kid.
    Original Text by: Bryan Skavnak
    Martial Arts at UMA is more then punching and kicking.


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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - 3 Reasons Karate is the World’s Best Martial Art By Jesse Enkamp

    3 Reasons Karate is the World’s Best Martial Art By Jesse Enkamp

    “Which martial art is the best?” It’s an age-old debate. Desktop warriors, fighters, scholars and martial geeks have debated the topic for centuries – never coming to a real conclusion on what martial art is the “best”.
    Why? Because the question is fundamentally flawed. See, it depends on how you define ‘best’. Best for *what*?
    Competition? Self-defense? Physical training? Warfare? Weight loss? The answer will vary according to several factors; including your goals, physical potential, availability and mindset. In my opinion, the best martial art is theone you love to do.
    No matter what it’s called. ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - The Abundance Mentality…

    The Abundance Mentality…

    The Abundance Mentality… As we continue the topic of success, this segment is the key to understanding why some people become successful and some don’t. It’s important to have an abundance mentality. An abundance mentality says that there is plenty for everyone. The success of one person doesn’t mean others must suffer. Yet, many live a life of struggling. Some coast in a comfort zone, worried about the present and future, or possibly feel the threat of failure. If we asked these people that weren’t performing as well as they would like, I’m sure they’d have plenty of reasons.Reasons like: it’s hard out there right now, ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - The Effects of Achieving Your Goals

    The Effects of Achieving Your Goals

    We all know people who never seem to accomplish much because they do not have clear goals. Most of us also know people who set themselves daily, weekly or monthly personal targets and seem to achieve outstanding results. Their ability to fucus on clear, measurable goals accounts for their success. As you think back over your life, you can probably relate your own successes and failures to whether or not you had clear and positive goals. The idea of working towards gaols seems a part of human nature. We possess a goal-achieving instinct, somehow linked to the universal tendency to seek pleasure and avoid pain
    . A person behaves in a certain way because they think that behaviour will ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - Succeeding in 2018

    Succeeding in 2018

    If you are like me, your focus at the moment will be on your goals and plans to make 2018 your best year ever. Its not too late, yes its February already but its never too late to set goals. Why? Because, as we have all heard, failing to plan is often really planning to fail. Just by investing the time to sit down and write your rough list of goals, right now for 2018, you will be ahead of 90% of the population to actually achieve your goals in 2018. In one of my last blogs, we started off by exploring Success and the beliefs we hold around it. We then looked at having an abundance mentality and how this mental attitude allows you to see opportunities that may even be ....

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