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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - The Effects of Achieving Your Goals

    The Effects of Achieving Your Goals

    We all know people who never seem to accomplish much because they do not have clear goals. Most of us also know people who set themselves daily, weekly or monthly personal targets and seem to achieve outstanding results. Their ability to fucus on clear, measurable goals accounts for their success. As you think back over your life, you can probably relate your own successes and failures to whether or not you had clear and positive goals. The idea of working towards gaols seems a part of human nature. We possess a goal-achieving instinct, somehow linked to the universal tendency to seek pleasure and avoid pain
    . A person behaves in a certain way because they think that behaviour will ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - Succeeding in 2018

    Succeeding in 2018

    If you are like me, your focus at the moment will be on your goals and plans to make 2018 your best year ever. Its not too late, yes its February already but its never too late to set goals. Why? Because, as we have all heard, failing to plan is often really planning to fail. Just by investing the time to sit down and write your rough list of goals, right now for 2018, you will be ahead of 90% of the population to actually achieve your goals in 2018. In one of my last blogs, we started off by exploring Success and the beliefs we hold around it. We then looked at having an abundance mentality and how this mental attitude allows you to see opportunities that may even be ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - What Should You Do If Your Child Wants To Quit?

    What Should You Do If Your Child Wants To Quit?

    There will come a time when your child says, "I'm too tired to go to class today." This is a critical point in a child's training. This is when you help teach them about follow through, commitment and the "never quit" attitude. Don't be concerned about "pushing it on your child. Children wouldn't go to school, brush their teeth or clean their room if you didn't "push it on them." There's a big difference between helping a child follow through on a goal they agreed to and force-feeding something on a child. When you begin the classes agree with your child on some short-term goals such as green belt or brown belt with the understanding that there will be no quitting until the goal ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING!


    ‘Every now and then, life forces us to the wall. It is the way in which we react to such events, the way in which we steel ourselves to the task and overcome adversity, that defines our character. Take charge of your destiny today. Face life’s challenges with dignity and a resolute attitude. Stride toward your goals as if you were already there. The Black Belt mindset is one of resolve and determination. Attitude is not the only thing, its everything!’ Dear Friend: If ever you ask me what I would do if I won a million dollars, I would tell you that there is very little I would change about my life. I would still be here at UMA, teaching students ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - Success leaves Clues - PART TWO

    Success leaves Clues - PART TWO

    What is success for you?
    Before you get on your way to becoming more successful you have to decide what success is for you. It’s no good wanting to have someone else’s success because we are all individuals with our own needs and values and our personal definitions of success. So, take a minute to think about your personal definition of success. It’s pretty hard to get up every morning and get fired up if you don’t know what you’re aiming for. For me, success is about being happy or being satisfied in a number of different areas of my life. My health is number one. I like to keep in shape, because I think without health you can’t be ....

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  •  in Heathmont - Ultimate Martial Arts - UMA NEW Black Belts

    UMA NEW Black Belts

    So very proud of our new Black Belts in 2017. We are looking forward to see them shine and grow in knowledge. Thank you ....

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  • Don't make excuses get things done

    Don't make excuses get things done!! Bringing more value to our members. This is a great time to get kids involved in some sort of goal setting for the next year. This whould get the idea flowing. Here at UMA, we are your partners in your child's success. Please scroll through this PDF. Should you like a copy please email us, and we would be more then happy to send you a copy. ....

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