Your beliefs create your reality  - PART ONE

Your beliefs create your reality. Henry Ford once said: “If you think you can or think you can’t , you’re right.” Some of us have the tendency towards doubt and negative self beliefs, which can really hold you back. So often we are lead to believe that events control our lives and that our environment has shaped who we are today. Well let me tell you that there is no greater lie then that ever told. It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean to us.

Two men turn sixty five years old, each one takes a different meaning form turning sixty five. One says I am at retirement stage, I am getting old my body is starting to break down so I must slow down. The other man decides that what a person is capable of at any age depends on what they belief and so he makes a decision to starting doing things he had no time to do before and one of them is taking on martial arts. And for the next four years he devoted himself to this new adventure in martial arts and now Mr Alan Santilli holds a Black Belt.

So you see, it’s never the environment, it’s never the events of our lives but the meaning we attach to the events. So our beliefs are designed to guide us and help us determine what would be a negative situation and what would be positive situation. Other beliefs are so generalized that they dominate virtually every aspect of our lives, either negatively or positively. I call these global beliefs.

Global beliefs are giant beliefs we have about everything in our lives. Beliefs about people, work, time money and life itself. These are often phrased as   is-am-are. “life is ……” “ I am ……..” People are ……….” As you can imagine, beliefs of this size can shape every aspect of our lives. The good news about this is that making one change in a limiting global belief you currently hold can change virtually every aspect of your life in a moment. These beliefs once accepted become unquestioned commands to our nervous systems, and they have the power to expand or destroy the possibilities of our present and future.

The question is then how do I change a belief?

First you have to catch yourself saying or thinking things that are negative, sceptical or cynical, and one by one eradicate them from your inner and outer dialogue by associate massive pain to that way of thinking or believing, what I mean by massive pain is how much will this belief cost me if I keep holding on to it in the future. Its also important to create doubt around that belief. How many have heard the old comment of “You will never make money out of martial arts” and some had or still do believe that. Usually said by some one who tried to and failed. Now you can see that quite a number of martial artists in this country that are earning a substantial amounts of money out of martial arts.

However, new experience doesn’t guarantee a change in a belief. People can reinterpret it in any way they want in order to convince themselves. So new experience trigger change only if they cause us to question our old belief. So the key is to question any of your limiting beliefs and create the shift to change. If you question anything enough you’ll begin to doubt it.

In the next segment we will discover how to create new beliefs and turn them into convictions. I will also be asking you to do some exercise around empowering beliefs and disempowering beliefs: This will help you highlight the limiting beliefs we need to shift.

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Until next time, let's do something remarkable!

Vincent Busuttil

Chief Instructor 

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