Success leaves Clues - PART TWO

What is success for you?

Before you get on your way to becoming more successful you have to decide what success is for you.  It’s no good wanting to have someone else’s success because we are all individuals with our own needs and values and our personal definitions of success.

So, take a minute to think about your personal definition of success. It’s pretty hard to get up every morning and get fired up if you don’t know what you’re aiming for.

For me, success is about being happy or being satisfied in a number of different areas of my life. My health is number one. I like to keep in shape, because I think without health you can’t be energised to pursue your goals martial arts satisfies all of that for me. Relationships with my partner, family, friends and my students are some of life’s greatest gifts. Also, I can say I’ve surrounded myself with some of the most incredible people and I enjoy their company on a regular basis. That is success to me.

Then there is personal development, which is an important need for each of us, continuing to learn and develop throughout our lives. Whether it may be in martial arts at Ultimate, personal life or spiritual life, developing love, compassion and care for other human beings. 

Contribution is a part of my definition of success. That can be by volunteering your time helping others. Also helping others less fortunate then you are in the community.    

And finally there’s financial success. For me, that’s about having financial freedom, not just more money. Getting to a point of financial security, so you’re not constantly worried about next month’s rent or mortgage payment or the kids school fees.


If it’s Possible for you, then it’s possible for me

The greatest realisation for me was after a friend of mine, who is very successful in his own right, told me long ago that whatever success had been achieved by anyone else it was also available to me too.

The question is “How did they do it?”. That often enters my head when I’m disappointed with the results I’m getting. I keep remembering, if someone else can do it, so can I. I just have to find the right approach. So, the next time you are asking yourself “How did they do it?” Ask yourself a better question: “What would I have to do or change to make that happen for me?”

Success leaves Clues: Build great rapport with other successful individuals, not just locally but anywhere in the world. You may need to travel or they may be local to you. Meet these people and observe them in action. The same goes when watching someone with awesome skills performing a technique, a kick a takedown a submission, watch them and ask some questions, you will be surprised how much you learn.


Improve Your Outcomes

Here are five golden rules to help you improve your success.

  1. Study the success of others
  2. Eliminate time wasters in your life
  3. Work on improvement everyday
  4. Embrace change with a positive attitude
  5. Monitor your activities and outcomes weekly

In the next segment we will discover why some people struggle in a world of abundance.


“Beliefs are the driving force for every human being"

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Until next time, let's do something remarkable!

Vincent Busuttil

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