The Abundance Mentality…

The Abundance Mentality…


As we continue the topic of success, this segment is the key to understanding why some people become successful and some don’t. 


It’s important to have an abundance mentality. An abundance mentality says that there is plenty for everyone. The success of one person doesn’t mean others must suffer. Yet, many live a life of struggling. Some coast in a comfort zone, worried about the present and future, or possibly feel the threat of failure.


If we asked these people that weren’t performing as well as they would like, I’m sure they’d have plenty of reasons.  Reasons like: it’s hard out there right now, the economy, I am not as flexible,  that I don’t have the right education etc, etc. These may be genuine challenges to some, yet how is it that some still manage to thrive despite these conditions?


I believe the most fundamental things that determine success or failure are the beliefs and attitudes by which we operate daily.  Your beliefs create your reality. Forming positive beliefs is the first step towards achieving positive outcomes. This is not rocket science, yet we will rather tell you ‘why not’ rather then discover ‘how can I’.


Having an abundance mentality is something you chose to believe in. It allows you to see opportunities that are hidden in less than ideal circumstances. As a result, you will make the most out of any situation. An abundance mentality is an attitude of gratitude. Being thankful for our circumstances leads us to discover the potential that lies within every situation. The questions “How can I make the most of this?” naturally follows.


The fact that a big percentage of students may not make it to Black Belt  and it might be off-putting to someone starting out. You can choose to focus immediately on the percentage  that do succeed. What models, methods and philosophies did these students use that allowed them to flourish? Identify these factors and replicate them in your life. 


You need to grow first. You have to drop your excuses and take a look at how you have created the situation you’re in. Not many people are so willing to hold themselves responsible for their life. 


But if you can accept responsibility, and realise the adjustments you need to make to your beliefs and attitudes, you gain the power to make changes for the better. This is the key.


Keep your focus on what you can control. Avoid diluting your energy on issues that may be relatively trivial in the long run. Don’t dwell on the negatives. Focus on what actions are necessary to create a successful life.


In the next segment I will share with you some basic tools showing you how to build positive self belief. Your beliefs create your reality. Henry Ford once said:


 “If you think you can or think you can’t you’re right.” 


Until next time, let's do something remarkable!



Vincent Busuttil


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