I wake up every morning feeling grateful. I wake up around

7:00AM and get out of bed and open all the windows always greet my wife

with a kiss and say good morning same goes to my son.I make my bed and  

make myself a coffee.  I write down a plan for everything I hope toget  done that day

and then I get going! That moment when the windows open and it looks like a

beautiful sunny day...I'm  grateful. When I take that first sip of coffee and it

tastes extra good and the day just feels so full of possibilities. I'm grateful.

Good Morning! Lead your days with an attitude of gratitude for everything in

the world and you'll be a happier, better person.


I'm  grateful  for  my  parents.  That  should  be  obvious.  Everyone  is  grateful  for

their  parents  because  we  literally  wouldn't  exist  without  them.  But  when  is  the

last  time  you  just  looked  at  your  mum  and  dad  and  said,  'Thank  you  for

everything  you  do  for  me."  Do  something  nice  for  them  this  week  if  you  can.

Make  them  breakfast  in  bed,  ask  to  throw  a  ball  around  in  the  backyard,  help

them  clean  up  the  house.  It  will  mean  the  world  to  them  and  you'll  feel  better

about  yourself  for  it.


I'm grateful for my friends. They're always there for me when I'm feeling down,

and they're always there cheering me on when I make them proud. Be good

to your friends. It's one of the most important  relationships you'll ever have.


I am so thankful that martial arts has always been a part of my life. You are all

reading this because you or your parents made the decision that martial arts

would be a beneficial activity. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't  or

martial arts. It  made  me  athletic,  it  gave  me  confidence,  it  made  me

disciplined,  and  the  community  of  instructors  and  athletes  inspires  me  every

morning  when  I  wake  up.


Be  grateful  for  what  you  have.  Be  grateful  for  the  mistakes  you  make  and  the

people  that  allow  you  to  grow.  We're  all  in  this  together.  Let  everyone  know

how  you  feel!


We talked about the people and things we are thankful for, now time to pay it forward.

See how many acts of kindness from the grid you can Cross off as you go.


Vincent Busuttil Shihan 

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