The Philosophy Behind the Martial Arts

One of the most priceless gifts of martial arts practice is to get to know yourself internally and externally.
Our main goal is to use the body to reach and learn to master the mind. Once you have mastered your mind you will have no desire to ever fight. “The years teach us much the days never knew” Ralph Waldo Emerson
In real martial arts, even when faced with the situation, you can stay calm and centered and make the best choices in that moment.
 Martial arts training helps us learn to deal with adversity. That is what sets it apart from doing things like yoga.
Through the practice we become aware of what we think and why. What shapes our values and beliefs, then we can step back and look at it with more of a pure mind.
Consistent effort over time is needed to achieve greatness in anything.


Vincent Shihan

Chief Instructor

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