How To Practice. A Must in Karate.

About the Practice

* After class, visualize what was done – mentally perform the physical movements. This will help you to remember and also help you develop your ability to visualize.
* If you use your body to learn movement, particularly complex movement, your mind will develop. If you use only the mind, the body does not develop. That is why we call martial arts bodymind training.
* Practice makes habit. How you practice will become habit. Practice sloppy – that becomes a body habit. Practice with focus and precision – then that becomes your habit.
* Strength is a skill – both physical strength and mental strength. It takes practice.
* How do you absorb learning a lot of new things in class? Always fully engage your mind and body. Meditation will help you learn focus. Repetition will help body memory. Knowing the purpose or intent of the movement improves your ability to focus, understand, and remember. Be willing to repeat beyond boredom.
* Learn to control your internal environment, not by holding it in and creating tension, but by learning to control and slow the breath for example and see what that does for you. Can you bring yourself down from a feeling of high alert or tension? Recognize your thoughts.
* The point of the practice is the practice. The rest will take care of itself. Just practice!

Frustration & Low Points

* You will get out of the practice what you put into it. If you are not satisfied with your progress, look inward first. What is missing? What are you not doing enough of?
* Repetition is the mother of skill. Again, be willing to repeat beyond boredom.
* When you are able to see and identify a weakness in your practice, consider that a gift.
* We practice for the sake of practice – not for trophies or tournaments. You will automatically develop if you practice mindfully.
* Want to improve your practice? Practice what gives you the most trouble.
* Can you learn to practice without judging yourself?
* What is your biggest reason for practicing? We must know the reason, and keep it in mind, especially during those times when you want to give up.
* Be unconcerned with results, stripes or belts. Just practice.

Vincent Shihan

6th Dan Goju Ryu Karate Kenkyukai. Okinawa 

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