Xtreme Martial Arts Classes in Ringwood North


A revolutionary and extreme sport that fuses multiple martial arts styles with acrobatics and gymnastics to create performances used in demonstrations and competition.


A revolutionary program that employs a combination of techniques, methods of movements and philosophies from all martial art styles with an emphasis on showmanship.


  • To perform everything from basic moves, to highly acrobatic and skilled sequences, to traditional weaponry moves.
  • To show students how to capture the audience's attention by showing strength through the mind and body.
  • To teach the art of showmanship and how to make simple moves look more complex by making them more acrobatic, flashy and artistic.


  • A creative approach to developing new levels of coordination, flexibility, balance, agility, muscular strength and overall fitness.
  • A fun and action-packed program that requires no previous martial arts training but is guaranteed to have you performing xtreme moves in no time.
  • A unique way to show your artistic talent set to music in a high-energy environment.

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