Ultimate Martial Arts Reviews

  • Inspiration, self worth, confidence, learning to give and learn in a safe environment. The perfect place for your pre teenagers and teenagers to gain life long skills that go beyond the Karate.

    Sean Peterson
  • I have been involved in martial arts for the last 17 years and I must credit UMA for playing a pivotal role in my journey. Shihan Vince isn't just my instructor but I see him as a friend.

    He has helped me in times of need and I am fortunate to be apart of a club with good people, great culture and interesting training systems.

    My love of cross training stems from Shihan's influence and if it wasn't for him encouraging me to expand my horizons I would not have tried the various martial arts I have been involved in.

    The camp is something I always looked forward too and the 2017 Winter Warrior camp is by far the best one I have attended. Thanks to all involved and I can say I am proud to call UMA home.

    Simon Sultana
  • At UMA I have learned so much more than how to punch, kick and choke effectively. UMA has helped me become a better person because the superb instructors help you build a stronger mind and spirit. This place is strong on personal development because they understand and teach the values that make martial arts great.

    If you want to learn how to defend yourself or just become a better human being then come on down to Heathmont and check this place out.

    UMA probably saved my life and has definitely enriched in a way that will last forever.

    Matt Clark
  • I recently transitioned from traditional Goju Kai to this dojo. I can say honestly and sincerely that this is by far the best club I've trained with. The people are friendly and supportive but just as importantly the training is a constantly evolving mix of traditional and MMA, BJJ and self defence. The instructors challenge you but also support you. I can't recommend the club highly enough. I wish I'd discovered UMA years ago.

    Keith Banks
  • What an incredible place. I've been training there for a number of years now and love it. Fantastic instructors, friends and an unreal training curriculum which caters to all ages and fitness levels. I've got my whole family on board now and we all love it. I highly recommend it to everyone.

    Peter Niksic
  • I've been training at UMA for a number of years. I started just for fitness and fun but ended up chosing the Muay Thai kickboxing program and have never looked back. Not just kicking & punching, UMA has given me support, encouragement in a family oriented environment. Mostly I am a more centred and happier person for training in such a wonderful dojo with some of the instructor's. Vincent Busuttil Shihan has created an incredible place where everyone is welcome & nourished with knowledge, technique and most of all spiritually. UMA will change your life!

    Lisa Evans
  • I am blessed to be part of such an incredible community and to have befriended people from all walks of life. The encouragement and dedicated training that I have had over the past year has made me stronger, more able to accept temporary limitations at the same time as working out how to break through them. Staff are flexible, committed to the individual's needs and great fun to work with. Thanks UMA!

    Cath Edwards
  • I joined the Bushidokan program in 2012 and I have loved every minute of it. It has helped me gain a new level of fitness, a new perspective on my daily life and a way to develop myself as a person, also techniques to defend myself. I love it so much I have been endeavoring to do more and give back to the club, the only thing stopping me from training and helping more is the time I have to spend at work.

    Liam McGrath
  • I started training at Ultimate Martial Arts >10 years ago and hold fond memories of this place. I learnt a lot about the art of defence, disapline, spiritually and much more. Ultimate is a family orientated school that values each and every member. I am proud to be a member of this family. Thank you.

    Davina Maree
  • From the little ninja program right through to adults there is a supportive and motivating place that you can learn, but more importantly grow. I have had the pleasure of participating in the womens group and have been inspired! I love the smiles and energy when you walk in the door!

    Karen Rasmussen-Mirich

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